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Septic Tank

Your basic septic tank is where waste water flows out from the house. The tank is designed to retain waste water and allow heavy solids to settle to the bottom. These solids are partially decomposed by live bacteria to form sludge. Grease and light particles float, forming a layer of scum on top of the waste water. It is recommended to maintenance your tank by pouring live bacteria down the drains at least once a month and to pump your septic tank out every 3-5 years. 


Your septic system (also known as "Waste Water Treatment System) is a big investment. The payback on your investment comes from operating a very effective wastewater treatment system over a long period of time which only a small annual expense. Treat your system with care and you will see the benefits of your efforts.

There are a few Septic System Maintenance Tips that will help you better understand how to effectively operate your system which will keep it working at peak level.