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Slab leaks occur under the foundation of your home when a pipe bursts and creates a water leak. These water leaks under your foundation require immediate attention as they can cause your foundation to shift - resulting in further damage and requiring costly foundation repairs! Our plumbing experts can repair these leaks with minimal disruption of your busy schedule, and we will use the most appropriate, least invasive process to access the damaged plumbing.

We start by using state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly trained leak detection specialists. Once we are able to locate the leak within a 12 inch radius, we can then provide you with a competitive estimate for the repairs. Prices vary depending how we are required to access the leak.



General Leak Detecting Methods:


  • Is your meter spining?
  • Can you visually see or feel water?
  • Do you have mold on your carpet or baseboards?
  • Do you have low water pressure?
  • Low to none hot water?
  • High water bill?


Those are just a few simple indicators that you may have a slab leak.  If you suspect that you may have a slab leak, you shoud immeidiately notify your plumber and have then investigate your concern. The longer you postpone the repair, the more damage you can potentially cause your home.